Sydney Thunder offspinner keen to work through the testing window to iron out flaws | ESPNcricinfo.com

Sydney Thunder offspinner Chris Green remains determined to push for a place in Australia’s T20 World Cup squad despite being suspended from bowling for an illegal action. Green is currently barred from bowling in all in all Cricket Australia competitions, including the BBL, for 90 days.
Green underwent testing after being cited by match officials for a suspect action in the Thunder’s BBL clash with the Melbourne Stars earlier this season. His suspension came on the back of a cryptic tweet from Melbourne Renegades allrounder Dan Christian. There have been reports that other opponents have privately queried the legality of his action while bowling the quicker ball.
“I actually haven’t seen the tweet,” Green said of Christian’s remarks. “People are always going to have their opinions about you and your game and he’s well entitled to his. I’m not bitter about anything. I think the process I went through was incredibly fair and it’s time now to move forward. I really do look forward to this challenge that lies ahead.”
Christian offered a frank response when asked about his tweet and Green’s suspension. He said: “It’s disappointing for Chris but it’s nice to see that the authorities are upholding the laws of the game.”
Green will now undergo remedial work on his action over the next 90 days whilst still being available to play as a batsman. This hasn’t deterred his burning desire to play for Australia.
“Absolutely, my dream is to play for Australia,” Green said. “I’ve had some really great messages from selectors and players and coaches and fans. Hearing those words of support has really helped me at this time. There’s so much to look forward to.
“It’s a 90-day training block if you like that I can fine-tune my game. I’ve had a busy 12 months prior to this where I haven’t had the time to stop and work on technical aspects of my game so I see this as a really good window to work on my game and make the changes necessary on my bowling.
“I was told it was marginal, my faster ball was the one that was reported and that was the issue from around the wicket. It’s something I have got to look at because that’s what’s been identified and that’s the technical changes that I need to make”.
At the moment, Green isn’t sure how the 90-day period will impact his IPL deal with Kolkata Knight Riders. New head coach Brendon McCullum, who was instrumental in his signing, raised some questions about Green’s sanction on Thursday night during a commentary stint on Channel Seven’s BBL coverage.
“There’s a testing centre in Chennai,” McCullum told Channel Seven. “So if we were to fly Chris to India, do some work with some of our guys who are experts in that area, and he’s able to make some quick adjustments, and then we get him tested at the ICC centre there in Chennai, would that then allow him to play in the BBL?
“I don’t quite understand the 90-day thing. Would the ICC guideline not over-ride that? I’m certainly not having a go at anyone. Ultimately you just want to help the kid back to playing cricket and doing what he loves.”
On his part, Green has already spoken to McCullum and has some plans in place to work with the coaching staff at Knight Riders.
“He’s been incredibly supportive,” Green said. “I’ve had conversations with their assistant coaches as well and they’re willing to stand by me and help me through this. They’ve offered to take me out and work with their specialists and through the process as well.
“I’ve had contact with Sunil Narine’s bowling coach as well and I plan on working with some of the best coaches around the world and in Australia on this to get myself sorted and to get back bigger and better.”