The South Australian government has promised to deliver the “biggest hit of economic adrenalin in South Australian history” in Tuesday’s budget.

The South Australian Government has promised to deliver the “biggest hit of economic adrenalin in South Australian history” in Tuesday’s Budget.
Key points:

  • Small businesses will be eligible for their second round of $10,000 cash grants
  • Sole traders will qualify for $3,000 cash grants for the first time
  • The State Government will spend $4 billion on economic stimulus in tomorrow’s Budget

Premier Steven Marshall has revealed the Government will spend $4 billion to stimulate the state’s economy.
Among the major winners will be small businesses, with Mr Marshall today announcing a second round of $10,000 cash grants for eligible operators.
“Small businesses are the lifeblood of our state’s economy,” he said.
“We are determined to do everything in our power to help keep their lights on, their doors open and their hardworking people in jobs.”
For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began, sole traders and businesses that do not employ staff will be eligible for $3,000 cash grants.
Steven Marshall says the Budget will help create and sustain jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.(ABC News: Lincoln Rothall)
SA’s small business commissioner, John Chapman, welcomed the news.
“This was something we raised with the Government back in July and they’ve delivered it in this years’ budget,” Mr Chapman said.
“This recognises that sole traders often have rental premises or operate in commercial premises and their businesses have been impacted by COVID.”
Sole traders must operate from a commercial premise to qualify for the funds, excluding those who work from home.
Labor disputes cost of package
The Government’s $4 billion economic package will include money for building trades, infrastructure projects, grassroots sport, community grants, and attracting businesses to SA.
But Labor has questioned the accuracy of the $4 billion price tag.
“The Government’s figures don’t add up,” Shadow Treasurer Stephen Mullighan said.
Mr Mullighan said the Government was including money “saved” from tax deferrals as part of its overall spend.
“You can’t give people a three, six, or nine-month holiday on paying their land tax or their payroll tax only for it to be due at the end of that period and then claim that’s economic stimulus,” he said.
“That tax still has to be paid. That’s a bill that thousands of businesses and homeowners still have to stump up,”
“If [Treasurer] Rob Lucas is claiming that’s the backbone of his stimulus package, frankly that’s not good enough.”
North-South Corridor plans hotly anticipated
How and when the Government will complete the final and most contentious section of North-South Corridor is expected to be tomorrow’s big-ticket announcement.
$5 billion has been set aside to connect the final 10.5 kilometres of motorway, between the River Torrens and Darlington, in Adelaide’s south.
The incomplete part of the project is shown in green.(Department for Infrastructure and Transport)
Current options include tunnelling under South Road or demolishing several properties, including Adelaide’s historic Thebarton Theatre.
Last month, Labor said it had obtained leaked documents that revealed the project would not be completed until 2035 a delay of more than a decade.
But Mr Marshall rejected that as “fake news”.
“There are real complexities to this project. Part of it is making sure we get the balance right in terms of the cost, in terms of the timeframe, also in terms of the inconvenience of the build and also the property acquisition,” he said.
The Premier indicated the project would be completed by 2030.