Welcome to the new course MIT 18.S191, the debut edition, Fall 2020!
This is an introductory course on Computational Thinking. We use the Julia programming language to approach real-world problems in varied areas applying data analysis and computational and mathematical modeling. In this class you will learn computer science, software, algorithms, applications, and mathematics as an integrated whole.
Topics include:

  • Image analysis
  • Particle dynamics and ray tracing
  • Epidemic propagation
  • Climate modeling

Alan Edelman, David P. Sanders, Grant Sanderson, & James Schloss
Course materials will be published on the accompanying website: https://mitmath.github.io/18S191/Fall20/
TR 2:30–3:30pm EST, online (Go to the lecture page on this site to stream it.)

  • Tuesdays: Prerecorded videos, released on YouTube and played live on this site.
  • Thursdays: Live sessions (same YouTube link 2:30–3) and MIT-only discussion (3-3:30); link to follow

Start date: September 1, 2020
Office hours TBD.

  • Discord: discussion (we encourage you to hang out here during class!)
  • Piazza: (MIT only) allows for anonymity to other students, discussion
  • Canvas: (MIT only) homework submission. If you’re a non-MIT student, please find a partner to cross-grade homeworks via Discord.
  • 12 weekly problem sets with equal weight; your lowest score will be dropped.
  • Released on Thursdays and due before the following Thursday’s class. (No problem set during Thanskgiving week.)
  • No exams

Problem sets consist of code. MIT students enrolled in the course must submit homeworks via Canvas. If you are not a student then we encourage you to join the Discord and find a cross-grading partner.