He offers tea and snacks to protesting MPs

The eight suspended MPs spent the whole night near the iconic Mahatma Gandhi statue inside the Parliament premises.
In an attempt to strike a truce Deputy Chairman Harivansh against whom the opposition had moved a no-confidence motion, came with tea and biscuits for the protesting MPs.
 On Monday, TMCs Derek O Brien and Dola Sen, CPI(M)s Elamaram Kareem and K K Ragesh, Congresss Rajeev Satav and Syed Naseer Hussain and AAPs Sanjay Singh were suspended by Rajya Sabha for their unruly behaviour in the house.
Mr Harivansh belated overture didnt cut much ice.
The protesting MPs said that if the gesture was to have some meaning he should not have come with cameras trailing behind. We would welcome deputy chairman anytime anywhere. We did it so. But, he should come personally. Unfortunately, he came with media people for show off, TMC MP Dola Sen said.
AAP MP Mr. Singh said, we dont have anything personal against the Deputy Chairman and this is not the hour to strike personal relationship. We told him too, that on Sunday, the rules and regulations were ignored to bulldoze the two legislation, voting was not done simply because they did not have the numbers, Mr Singh said.
Lunch and dinner was brought in my other opposition leaders who visited the protesting members. Lunch and snacks came in many installments, one lot of sandwiches and dhokla along with lassi was brought by Congress leader Digvijaya Singh. DMKs Tiruchi Siva brought idlis and chutney for the members in the evening. Mr. Digvijaya Singh brought in pillows and bedsheets for all the protesting MPs.
A decision on when to end the sit-in protest will be taken after Rajya Sabha session ends for Tuesday depending on how things proceed in the house. The members are likely to march to the Rashtrapati Bhawan.