We learned of the departure of Federico Raneiro as CEO of Uber Mexico, because with the hype he announced his new Incomei court as operations manager and Kavak.com manager, a platform for buying and selling used cars. We were told that last Thursday, December 5, when Ranero stopped working at Uber Mexico, an app that brings together 8,000,000 users in the country. If so, he didn’t rest until Friday, because yesterday he came to the car gate. Ranero has been with Uber for nearly four years and was previously chief operating officer of Linio E-Commerce, where he stayed for a year and four months. Carlos Garcia, CEO of Kavak, who founded the company in the country only three years ago, was delighted to be accepted into his ranks in Federico. The movement caught the attention of we when Ranero left his greatest interest from the international Uber platform in Mexico to join the startup ranks.
Banks List Topics for AMLO
We are told that the Association of Mexican Banks, chaired by Luis Nio de Rivera, has already linked the presence of President Andrés Manuel Lépez Obrador to the 2020 Banking Agreement, which is to take place in March in the port of Acapulco despite the austerity scenario . We are told that, in addition to the issues raised by the President this year and, above all, the challenge of reducing commissions on transfers, the agenda will be intense, with issues hanging over the differentiated regulation of small banks. and many of the fee-based companies in this sector fall. We are told that the Bank’s surprise on this issue is very likely, and the Convention itself is likely to make the appropriate announcement. That is why, we have been told, we must add to the good negotiations that this sector has had in the Senate with the small part of ‘Morena’, the Ricardo Monreal.
The luxury speakers from MIDE
In the Diploma of Macroeconomic Indicators of the Economic Forum of Mexico of the Education Forum, organized by the Interactive Museum of Economics (MIDE) by the singer Sylvia, who appointed the coordinator of the Deputy Governor of the Central Institute, Jonathan Heath, has told us that students really enjoy monetary policy alone. The reason, we are told, is that he was a luxury spokesman for Alejandro D’az de Leén, Governor of the Bank of Mexico . The diploma began in July and ends in January next year and will still be some high-ranking speakers. We describe that Lieutenant Governor Gerardo Esquivel and the former Executive Secretary of Conval, Gonzalo Hernéndez, will be speaking. Fittingly, the president of the institute mentioned, Julio Santaella, as well as experts such as Luis Fonserda, David Kaplan, Gabriel Casillas, Vedrico Roble and the only woman, Mariana Campos, have already died.
More guarantees with advantageous
In view of the depression of the Mexican car market, the Mexican Association of Car Dealers (AMDA), chaired by Guillermo Brito Trevio, intends to propose to the government to revitalise the National Financial Guarantee Programme (Navan) in order to revitalise the vehicle fleets. We were told that Naven would facilitate access to credit through direct stimulus or some subsidies for small businesses to buy new vehicles. In 2009, in the biggest crisis in the North American automotive industry, Navan spent 10,000,000,000 pesos to promote the purchase of new cars and fleets along with financial financiers. Traders are pushing for a similar proposal, and while there is no specific amount, the government’s austerity policies could make it harder to pass. Once in the pipeline, the company also wants to update the discount on new cars from 175,000 to 350,000 pesos.