Many of the benefits created in the Cares Act passed by Congress in March have already expired, and about 29 million Americans drew jobless aid last week, according to Labor Department data.

LONDON Doctors in Britain have studied images of the brain of a 31-year-old man who suffered major complications sparked by the coronavirus but miraculously survived, to provide better treatment to future patients suffering from the infection.
Omar Taylor is believed to be the worlds youngest patient to suffer a stroke as a result of the virus, along with pneumonia, sepsis and respiratory failure. He spent six weeks at Colchester Hospital in Essex, England, where he was placed in a coma. At the time, doctors told his wife Kaitlyn to be prepared that he might not survive.
Stroke consultant Joseph Ngeh called Taylors case very intriguing and said he will never forget his story.
The report, which was co-written by Ngeh and published last month, revealed that scans of Taylors brain showed that the organ was being attacked on either side and had multiple microbleeds. Doctors noted that the virus had likely triggered a cytokine storm, the BBC reported.
Taylor spent 20 days on a ventilator and is now learning to speak and rebuild his strength through daily therapy sessions funded by donations from family and friends who wanted to financially support Taylors recovery.
Speaking to the BBC, the father-of-two said that he was more than happy to assist experts with their investigation into how the virus impacts the human body, particularly the brain.
“I hope it can benefit doctors in the future when treating patients who are in a similar critical condition to me and save lives like they did mine, he said.
I feel so good to have my daddy home, Taylors daughter Vivienne said in May as neighbors lined the streets with banners and waved to greet him as he returned.