Places across Victoria including Ballarat and Lismore reported beautiful flurries of snow on Friday morning.

After a morning bout of snow across Victoria’s central and south-east districts, there could be snowy mountaintops to the north and west of Melbourne on the way this afternoon.
With Melbourne hitting 11.9 degrees on Friday afternoon, it is now the equal-coldest late spring day since September 2002.
Melbourne’s dams are benefiting from the spring rain, with Melbourne Water storage now at 72.2 per cent full, the first time to hit that level since December 2016.
More than 30cm of snow fell overnight at Falls Creek and it has continued to snow throughout the day.
The water storage nudged over 70 per cent in late August this year, for the first time since October 2017. Melbourne Water’s largest dam, the Thomson Dam in West Gippsland, received more than 11 millimetres of rain on Friday morning and is now 69.6 per cent full.