Sony Interactive Entertainment executive Shuhei Yoshida delivered the perfect troll in response to a keen fan fishing for PlayStation 5 news.

  • Shuhei Yoshida trolled a PS5 fan on Twitter.
  • He jokingly suggested Feb. 20 as the date for a reveal event.
  • Sony is clearly aware of the demand for information among the PlayStation community.

A Sony exec is not content with watching keen armchair sleuths working themselves up with ever more fanciful theories about when a PlayStation 5 reveal event might or might not happen. So, he is now actively trolling fans.
Trolling Shuhei
Ex-president of Sony Interactive Entertainment turned head of SIEs independent developer initiative, Shuhei Yoshida took part in a spot of public trolling on Twitter earlier this week.
Yoshida was asked by an unwitting, yet ever so polite, user when to expect more PlayStation 5 news. He responded by posting an image emblazoned with 2020.2.20 On Sale in large font. Alongside this, P5S dominates the central portion of the picture.
Source: Twitter
Given this one comes straight from a higher-up at Sony, its not unreasonable to hastily surmise Feb. 20 as the date for a big reveal event.
Upon closer inspection, its clear the image is promotional material for the Japanese launch of Persona 5 Scramble later this month. The RPGs title is stylized as P5S, making it very similar to the recently trademarked PS5.
Yoshida is clearly taking pleasure in watching fans scramble for details and making the most of it with a good old troll.
Sonys PlayStation 5 Strategy Is Clearly Working
Injecting a bit of levity into the next-generation console hype is a welcome change of pace.
Yoshidas troll also shows that Sonys attuned to whats driving discussion among the PlayStation community. The companys executives must be reveling at the success of drip-feeding details to a fan base increasingly thirsty for morsels of PlayStation 5 news.
As for those tempted to read into Shuhei Yoshidas response as some veiled confirmation of Sonys plans, save yourself the trouble. Enjoy it for what it is a joke.
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Last modified: February 8, 2020 3:27 PM UTC