The uni degrees that will give you better job prospects

Australian Catholic University (ACU) has come out on top with the best employment rate for undergraduates three years after they finish their undergraduate degrees, the latest 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey shows. The study funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment shows that 95.5 per cent of ACU undergraduates are now in full-time jobs.
The result outweighs some of Australia’s top universities including the University of Sydney at 91 per cent, the University of Western Australia at 88 per cent, and the University of Melbourne at 86 per cent.
Postgraduate outcomes also fared well for ACU, with 98.6 per cent of postgraduates from the university in full-time employment.
The University of Notre Dame Australia postgraduates also did well, with 98 per cent having found employment within three years.
Around a fifth, or 20.5 per cent, of undergraduates surveyed were engaged in further study four to six months after completing their qualification.
Medical graduates were the ones who filled jobs in three years after graduating compared to other fields, with engineering and maths following.
The study found that people who complete undergraduate qualifications usually find work in managerial and professional occupations, with psychology, law and paralegal graduates most likely to end up in these professional positions.
While many graduates find employment, 41 per cent of employed undergraduates surveyed reported their skills and qualifications were not fully utilised following graduation.
Of those who were employed full-time, 22 per cent felt that they were not fully using their skills or education in their current positions three years after graduation in 2020.
The average pay for graduates is $75,000 in 2020, which is only a marginal rise from $67,000 in 2016 when inflation is taken into consideration.