The Wish-ender Exotic has been bugged all season in Destiny 2 — much to fans’ delight. But Destiny 2’s latest hotfix removes the bug, returning Wish-ender to its standard state. The patch also fixes several more annoying Destiny 2 bugs.

Destiny 2s first new patch in 2020 fixes some nasty bugs, and reverts a beloved weapon back to its original power level.
On Jan. 16, Bungie launched Hotfix as players continue to race through a seemingly unsolvable Corridors of Time puzzle. The patch is all bug fixes of one kind or another. It re-enables the weekly Gunsmith bounty thats been out of commission for a few weeks, and removes the annoying, blinking symbol above Destiny 2s real-money cosmetic store, the Eververse. The patch also fixed the maddening EDZ Obelisk bug, which made the Obelisk nearly impossible to interact with, despite needing it for a number of quests.
All of these bug fixes are good, including changes to bugs that ruined the games ammo economy. But one patch note ruined a weapon that just became useful thanks to a bug.
The Wish-ender Exotic bow entered Destiny 2 last year during the Forsaken expansion. It isnt particularly powerful, but it does allow players to look through walls. It deals bonus damage with its arrows when the arrow goes into an enemy and when it comes out. The unique perk that offered the bonus damage was bugged, and dealt around four times as much damage as normal.
Players loved it. Knowing the Wish-ender likely wouldnt stay bugged for long, players started pleading with Bungie. One player begged Bungie to keep the damage of Wish-ender bugged, but make it use Special ammo the limited ammo shotguns, fusion rifles, and snipers use.
But alas, here we are and Wish-ender is no more. You can see the full list of Destiny 2s hotfix notes on Bungies website.