Two new Google hardware devices have shown up in FCC filings. 9to5Google speculates that they could be Google’s rumored new Android TV dongle and its remote control.

Sabrina shows up at the FCC
Two new Google hardware devices have shown up in FCC filings, and as 9to5Google notes, it seems likely that theyre related to the new Android TV product thats reportedly been in the works for a while. If so, the filings could suggest that Google is finally gearing up to release it soon.
An XDA Developers report in June said that Google was preparing a TV dongle codenamed Sabrina that would use Android TV and a traditional remote-driven UI, unlike smartphone-controlled Chromecast devices. One of the new FCC filings refers to an Interactive Media Streaming Device with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, while the other is for a Wireless Device with Bluetooth and a power cover, which 9to5Google speculates could be Sabrina and its remote control respectively.
Unless you buy a TV with the software built in, there arent too many options for Android TV right now. Theres the high-end Nvidia Shield range, which starts at $149.99, or the $59.99 Xiaomi Mi Box S that Google itself promoted a couple of years ago, but thats about it. Xiaomi did also just release a $40-ish Mi TV Stick in India and Europe, which is currently the only way to get Android TV in that form factor.
Well have to see whether Google has something more compelling on the way. XDA Developers initially reported that the launch was planned for this summer, so theres still time for Google to hit that window.