Wataniya considered appointing a prosecutor to fight corruption necessary to complement the national anti-corruption system, but the appointment has been fully formal since March 11.

Although the National Commission on Human Rights has asked the Senate to appoint a prosecutor to fight corruption, the post has been held for nine months by Maria de la Luz Megangos Burga, who was officially appointed on 11 March.
As part of the International Anti-Corruption Day, Wataniya considered appointing a anti-corruption prosecutor needed to complete the National Anti-Corruption System (NAS).
EL UNIVERSAL has consulted the FGR website where Mijangos Borja is the owner of the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office. 
The Prosecutor General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero, has appointed the Prosecutor to combat corruption, in accordance with the powers he has in accordance with the reform of the institution’s establishment as a constitutionally independent body for the provided.
The appointment took place on 8 February, and Gertz Manero was instructed to inform the Senate of the Republic that he had 20 days to challenge the appointment.
As the appointment did not take place within this term of office, it has been officially complete since 11 March.
Eight hours after the verdict, it was said to have been an involuntary mistake.